9th Conference – Torino – 2002

9th International Conference – Torino 2002 : “Urban Underground Space a Resource for Cities”

The growing need for underground transportation systems as an alternative to surface alignments, for space for trade, offices, social and recreational facilities and for service networks such as telephone cables, sewers, water, gas pipes, etc. under existing surface structures, has increased the frequency of underground construction in highly urbanized areas.
The attraction of underground structures is closely related to the community’s evaluation of the drawbacks of surface and aerial structures in terms of environmental degradation. Unfortunately, most of the numerous advantages of underground structures, especially those concerning the protection of the environment, often cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

As the construction costs of underground structures are generally higher than those of building on the surface, underground structures are in some ways ” penalized ” when compared to surface construction. However, when surface and underground projects are compared over the expected life of the projects, underground construction can prove more economic. Underground structures are generally energy conserving due to their removal from the effects of the changing surface climate. Similarly, by putting facilities underground, valuable surface land can be used for other purposes.

The decision-making process, when evaluating an underground project against a surface or aerial alternative, should not only refer to the construction cost, but should take into account the various advantages offered by the underground alternative, particularly those related to the effects on the environment.

For the above reasons it is particularly important that people involved in the design and development of underground space should work together and exchange their experiences as a means to promote the development and use of more underground facilities. In addition, technological development aimed at facilitating more risk-free underground construction must be pursued
With this goal in mind, ACUUS (Associated research Centres for Urban Underground Space) and GEAM (Associazione Georisorse e Ambiente) are honored to invite the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Use community to participate at the ACUUS 2002 International Conference: “Urban Underground Space: a Resource for Cities”.

The Congress will be a chance for International co-operation and exchange amongst the world’s community of planners, researchers, builders, investors, decision-makers and other parties involved in the development and use of urban underground space.
In addition to the Conference technical sessions the participants will have the chance to visit the great urban developments of the City of Torino where the underground space is intensively exploited with the design an underground rail link and a metro line, which are presently under construction.

Evasio LAVAGNO, Chairperson of the Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee of the 9th International Conference
Politecnico di Torino, and the Associazione Georisorse e Ambiente


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